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30 Aug 2023

How new connectivity technologies are lowering the barriers to Industry 4.0

The networking architecture of today’s factories is continuously evolving, unlocking better efficiency, safety and sustainability.

29 Aug 2023

How semiconductor innovations are making edge AI the future

Innovations in processors and software are making edge intelligence simpler and more accessible, and its broad implementation closer.

18 Aug 2023

A remarkable journey from refugee to engineering intern

His resume is unconventional – shepherd, camel herder, refugee and university student – but Hassan is now on the cusp of a new career as an electrical engineer and hopes to one day share his expertise to make an impact in his community in Chad.  

15 Aug 2023

Building a more sustainable energy ecosystem

Technology that captures, converts and distributes energy effectively and efficiently will enable the shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources and help create a sustainable future.

20 Jun 2023

Driving change for gender equality in STEM

Fern Yoon, a leader in automotive systems, is passionate about paving the road ahead for women engineers and the future of vehicle electrification.

13 Jun 2023

How TI’s investments in back-end manufacturing are helping build capacity for decades to come

We’re expanding our assembly and test operations in Kuala Lumpur and Melaka, Malaysia, as part of our long-term strategy to provide greater assurance of supply and support our customers’ needs.

13 Jun 2023

The symphony of precision: Harmonizing power and signal integrity with low-noise technology

Innovations in low-noise and precision technologies are contributing to the vast performance improvements of sensitive medical, test and measurement, and electric vehicle battery-management systems.

23 May 2023

Q&A: TI is inspiring a global culture of building stronger communities

Andy Smith, leader of our Giving and Volunteering team and executive director of the TI Foundation, discusses how the philanthropic spirit is ingrained in TI’s culture, how we’re strengthening communities where we live and work, and what giving back means to him personally. 

18 Apr 2023

How semiconductors enable the future of energy

Analog and embedded processing products are enabling electrification through smarter, reliable and more accessible solar, energy storage and electric-vehicle charging systems.

17 Apr 2023

How one engineer’s problem-solving mindset is helping serve the unsheltered and hungry

An engineer from our wafer fab in Lehi, Utah, earned our Community Impact Award for demonstrating our company values and working toward broader, sustainable solutions for those without homes.